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There was once a little girl who was not allowed to interact with real people in the real world. Her afternoons were spent with books, music, and pretty pictures. She then, created a world of her own; with mystery, magic and a lot of adventure. 


Welcome to one of the safest places in her head, where only good dreams and noble deeds are allowed to enter.


6ft x 4ft wooden frame
28 in dia dreamcatchers

There was once a little girl who watched the moon every night. Looking out from her bedroom window, or stepping into the front yard to enjoy the sight.
Other nights, her father would initiate the invite to go outside. He would carry her in one arm and say, “Even if we were apart, you’ll always be safe.”

She grew up believing in dreams and the power of the night. This scared object in the shape of the sun and the moon in completion, would filter out all the bad dreams and let the good dreams through.

She would still look up most nights, staring at the moon. With a smile on her face she would say, “Believe in the good dreams that were let through.”

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